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If you bought the full version of our items, please, check out the built-in documentation located in the /documentation folder of the package.

Frequently asked questions

How to use Uilib Kit in a project

Place the uilib.css (located in the /css folder of the package or the project) file in your /css folder. Then you need to include the main CSS file uilib.css in the head of your HTML or web page such as :

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/uilib.css">

You also need to add Bootstrap to your project.

How to compile SCSS files

To use the built-in SCSS compiler, first, you need to install Node.js, then install Gulp via the following command line :

npm install -g gulp

Next run the following command line to install all required modules :

npm install

Now you have two command line options for compiling scss files :

  • gulp styles : compiles the Sass/Scss project.
  • gulp watch : watches modifications made with .scss files then compile the project each time a file is modified.

Alternatively, you may use automation tools such as Gulp or Sass compiler softwares such as Koala.

Can I use it in a commercial project?

You are free to use it in a commercial project, or a customer project, as long as you do not sell an ui kit project based on Uilib. That means you can build a theme, a template, an app, a website or a landing page out of Uilib and sell it, but you are not allowed to sell an ui kit template based on Uilib.

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